Get more from your
Google Meet

Goelo lets you securely store, share, and comment all your video content so teams collaborate faster and work just gets better.

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Every team needs Goelo

Unlock the power of your teams.

Close more deals.

The complete meeting insights tool for sales to improve their sales process and win more deals.

Reduce time to hire.

Share interviews, remove bias to make better hiring decisions quickly.

Build better products.

Store, share and collaborate on customers video interviews to find the most important problems to solve.

Integrated into your workflow.

No one wants to spend time managing files and sharing. Our integrations do the work for you.
Automatically sync and import your Google Meet meetings.
Update HubSpot data within Goelo
(coming soon...)
Import any videos your teams has stored in Google Drive.
Update Salesforce record withing Goelo (coming soon...)
Create limitless workflows with Zapier.
(coming soon...)

How Goelo Works?

1. Record your meetings

Record your Google Meet call as usual. Your Google Meet recordings stored in your Google Drive are copied into your Goelo library.

Automatically Import Google Meet Recording to Goelo
2. Share insights with your teams or customers

Don't waste your time by being passive in a meeting!

  • Active: Do the meeting with those who participate.
  • Passive: Share the recording with those who are interested.
Goelo Library
3. And keep the conversation going

Use timestamped comments and open discussions to improve your next meeting, plan next steps or share feedbacks with your teams.

Goelo discussion example